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Ticket Booking Steps
  • 1. Search & select your trains
  • 2. Make payment online/offline
  • 3. Send the passport copies
  • 4. Book & deliver your tickets
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If your China train tour itinerary is fixed, we strongly hope that you pay by PayPal in a minute to secure the tickets when you find the train tickets available, China train tickets are selling very well, especially in holidays!

" Our trip was amazing!!! We really really love China :) we loved the pandas, the terracotta warriors, all the temples and insence, the great wall, the hutongs of Beijing, the old city of Pingyao, the hot pot, the moon cake, the peking duck, the bubble tea, the tall buildings of Shanghai!! Everything was great, and it was made even better thanks to you because we didn't have to spend any time worrying about finding/buying train tickets! Thanks again Morgen!!" - Heather Auten

Book ordinary train tickets or high-speed rail tickets online

Booking China train tickets is pretty easy! You don’t need to wait for hours in line at a railway station for a train ticket; and now you can search China train schedules, ticket availability and purchase your train tickets for any ordinary or high-speed rail route online. You can purchase China rail tickets for yourself or your friends online through us online.

Our Chinese train tickets database is live and connected to the Chinese train system; what you are searching and seeing are the latest timetables and live price for China trains. Once you have made your train tickets reservation, we will deliver them to your door in China.

Simple classes of Chinese trains

There are five classes of ordinary Chinese train seat: superior soft sleeper, soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat and hard seat. Some T trains and Z trains between Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing and Xian offer superior soft sleepers; some D trains between Beijing and Shanghai offer soft sleepers.

There are four classes of high speed train seat: business seat, superior seat, first seat and second seat.

Business seats: best but most luxurious and expensive, three seats in a row, 2+1, fully reclinable seats, TV and power outlet.

Superior seats: offered in only few high speed trains and only 16 seats, reclinable seats, three seats in two rows with 2+1, spacious and comfortable, special area and window for view, offer free tea and desert.

First class seats: 4 seats in two 2 rows and 2 seats in each row, equipped with pillow and footrest.

Second class seats: 5 seats in 2 rows with 2+3, power outlet.

Hard sleeper of Chinese trains: there are 6 hard sleepers (upper, middle and lower) in a compartment with 3 on each side.

Soft sleeper of Chinese Trains: the 4 berth compartment is with 4 soft sleepers with two soft sleepers (upper and lower) on each side; the 2 berth deluxe soft sleeper compartments are available on some trains such as Z19 and Z20 trains between Beijing and Xian with upper & lower sleepers on each side, with a wardrobe and armchair. It offers a private toilet & washroom as well.

FAQ on how to book a China train ticket?

Q: How do I start my China train ticket booking?

A: 1, search your train tickets; 2, select the seat/sleeper class; 3, fill all the necessary information; 4, submit or Pay online; 5, tickets will be booked and collect your tickets by yourself or delivered to your hotel.

Q: What should I do if the tickets I chose are not available anymore?

A: We will contact you and help you find the one you prefer or refund the payment to you.

Q: Can I get my train tickets if my information provided wrongly?

A: No, you can’t. We have to cancel your booking charged some cancelation fee accordingly. If you want to book the train tickets again, you need to pay the booking service fee again.

Q: What is the train ticket booking service fee and delivery fee?

A: Booking fee is USD8 per ticket; delivery fee is USD5 per delivery.

Q: How long can you book the train tickets for me?

A: We can book your train tickets in a minute if they are available 20 days before your train departure date.

Q: Can you book the train tickets for me to secure the tickets due to my payment delay?

A: Yes, if you have problem with payment, we can book it for you while waiting for it.

Q: How long will it take for train tickets to be delivered and how long will it reach my hotel?

A: Train tickets can be sent out 6pm daily; Train tickets can reach those hotels in main cities (Such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Kunming Macau, etc.) in 3 days, and about 4-5 days in remote cities (Such as Lhasa, Urumqi, Lijiang, etc.).

Q: How many days in advance can I book my China train tickets through you?

A: Usually you can book a China train ticket 20 days before the train departure; however, you can book a train ticket through us before the train departure if the train ticket is available, but you need to collect the train ticket by yourself at the train station.

Q: How to I collect my train tickets?

A: Show your passport and the booking code that sent to you after we booked the tickets for you at any train station ticket window.

Q: Can I collect my train tickets once I booked online through you?

A: Yes, once we confirm your booking, you can collect your tickets through a ticket window at any train station in China.

Q: What documents or information do I need to book my train ticket?

A: You need to input your full name and passport number as it appears on your passport. If you need train tickets delivery service, you need to send copy of your passport to us.

Q: How long will I know whether or not tickets are available after submitting my China train ticket reservation?

A: Train ticket availability for inquiry/orders 23:00 (China time) will be confirmed by email in a minute.

Important Tips for China Train Tickets Online Booking