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We specialize in China train ticket booking and delivery services, standing ready to render personalized China train trip services for you. Through the personalized train tour we arrange for you, you will embark on a brand new journey of discovering the Chinese society and have a glimpse of the traditional Chinese culture all along the way. Though sitting on a train, you can still see with your owns the compelling scenery unfolding in front of you through the windows.

Scenery on Road, scenery on Rail!

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How to book train tickets through China Train Ticket online?

1. At present, we do not provide ticket searching service. The official website of the National Railway Administration of the People’s Republic of China is the only platform providing reliable and accurate train information. When turning to us for ticket booking services, you are suggested to inform us of your requests, such as date, city of departure, destination and specific train service.

2. Once receiving your email, we will inform you of your train information for your reference, including train number, seat and price, and then you can make informed decisions accordingly.

3. When the deal is finalized, you will have to pay the bill and at the same time send us your personal information, including your full name, passport number and a copy of your passport. With all these done, we will send you a letter of confirmation. If there should be no seats left, we will provide you with alternatives that are acceptable to you or refund you instead.

4. Payment Method: Payment can be made via PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Transfer.

Why booking a China train ticket from us?

1. You will have to wait in line if you turn to the ticket office of the train station, which, in most cases, is packed with people. This can turn out to be quite time-consuming. Besides, there stands a chance that the ticket you intend to buy has been sold out when it is your turn. And considering the language barriers, you may buy the wrong ticket.

2. We provide train ticket booking services so that you can save time and avoid troubles. You can also book the tickets through the search engine of our website, and once you have made payment for the ticket you want on our website, we will endeavor to book the ticket for you.

3. The ticket information we rely on is accurate for it comes from the official website of the National Railway Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

4. We also provide ticket delivery services for you. Once you have informed us of your hotel information, we will send the ticket to you as soon as possible, but this service will entail extra fees.

5. If you should lose your tickets or want to have a refund, we can offer you help in such cases, but this service will entail extra service fees.

What can we do for your China train tour?

1. Train ticket booking and delivery services;

2. Train ticket and hotel booking services;

3. Ticket booking and delivery services for such night shows as Kungfu shows and Peking opera performances;

4. Personalized China tour services, including hotel reservation, tour guide and car arrangements and tour itinerary.

For Your Information

1. You are not recommended to book the train ticket during the holidays and festivals. On the one hand, it will be far from easy to book a ticket; on the other hand, the train station will be so crowded to an extent that is beyond your imagination.

2. Chinese holidays and festivals: The Spring festival usually falls within the span between February 19 and 26, but the 20 days before and after the festival also witness great demand for train tickets. The International Labor Day Holiday is from May 1 to 7, and the National Day holiday from November 1 to 7.

3. During the holidays and festivals, it is hard to book a hotel and the price will be higher than usual.

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