The regulations listed bellowing are based on the Ministry of Railways are different from the terms and conditions in China-Train-Ticket.

How to get a ticket refund before departure?

You have to go a train station (not a designated ticket office or not in China and get your ticket refunded before the train departure or as earlier as you can:

1. 95% of the rail fare is refunded if the refund is made over 48 hours before the train departure time.

2. 90% is refunded for refund made between 24 and 48 hours.

3. 80% is refunded for the refund made within 24 hours. China-Train-Ticket is not responsible for your refund once the tickets sent out.

How to get a ticket refund after departure?

If you miss the train the only way of getting a refund is to find the stationmaster within 2 hours of departure. Please don’t miss your train!

What documents required for train ticket refund?

When you are going to a train station to get a refund, you need to bring your ticket, valid original passport or ID that you used to book the ticket.

If you send someone else to get the ticket refund for you, they will either need your original passports or ID, or their own passport (ID) and a copy of the ticket holder passports.

Can I cancel and refund the ticket online?

If you book a train ticket online , you can cancel it online only if you have not collected the paper ticket and its more than 2 hours before the train departure time. Otherwise you need take your passort and train ticket to go to a train station to cancel the tickets and get the refund.

How to change my departure date, time or train number?

Ticket change regulation states that a ticket can be changed once at an appointed window at any train station in China. You cannot change the departure and arrival destinations but you can change the date, time, and train number if there is a ticket available.

Generally, there is no refund if you missed your train but sometimes passengers can have their tickets changed or refunded if they have a valid reason and get consent from the stationmaster within 2 hours after the train departure time. Tickets that have been changed cannot be cancelled after the departure of the train. If you booked a high speed train ticket or a bullet train ticket, you can cancel or change it at any time at a railway station. Once you have made a change, you cannot cancel it.

When you are changing your ticket, you should know the pre-sale period is 60 days before the scheduled time of departure. You cannot do the change if there is not a ticket available. If there is any cost difference, the ticket office will return or charge accordingly. Connecting and round way tickets are not allowed to be changed.

If you want to disembark the train en route before the arrival city there is no refund.

What to do if I lost my train ticket?

If you lost your real-name train ticket before taking the train, you can go to a ticket office at the train station, report the ticket loss, and buy a replacement ticket up to 20 minutes before the ending of the check-in period.

You should tell them the date, time, train number, name and passport number of the lost train ticket and show your valid original passports or ID when you are buy a replacement ticket. The service fee is CNY2 per ticket.