You can book a train ticket at a train station or a designated ticket office. You can buy a ticket up to 18 days in advance, but it is not easy due to the language barrier.

We can book a ticket for you 30 days in advance since 1st December 2014! This offers you more chances to book the ticket. China-Train-Tickets can guarantee the exact ticket you want because we are experts without any language barrier. Our service is the best!

There are two ways you can book train tickets through us. One is to Search train tickets and pay online, we will take care of the booking when receive your payment. Alternatively, you can send an email to including your detailed requests and we will figure it out for you.

Search train tickets and pay online:

This is the best way to book a train. It is easier, quicker and more accurate. You can search and pay online after you have planned your train journey. In this way you can avoid long time communication via emails.

1. Go to our China train ticket search page, choose the departure city, arrival city and departure date (you can do multi-search for different trains and dates). Click the Search & Book button and search for your tickets.

2. You will see lots of trains listed in the search page, select the train types (high speed train, bullet train, etc.), select train departure time and train station, and choose the train number and seat/sleeper class, and click the green button: Book.

3. Double check your train information including departure date, time, price, etc. Complete the passenger’s full name (as the same as on the passports) and passport number, upload copies of the passengers (you can send it by email after your payment); choose how to collect your train ticket and ticket backup choice. Complete your contact information and pay online or pay later.

4. If you choose to pay online, you will receive a confirmation email including payment and tickets information. We will inform you of the payment situation and will start the train ticket booking and send you updates via email. After we collect all the tickets we will deliver them to your hotel in China (if you choose that option).

5. If you choose to pay later, you will receive an email including the train information and payment option. You can pay at any time 7 days prior to your train departure. We suggest that you choose Pay Online Now, leaving us more time to book the train tickets for you. The more time given, the more chance we will have.

6. If there is not a seat/sleeper left, we will book a ticket based on your Backup choice or contact you to make a decision.

7. You are responsible for double checking all the details (your train departure date, time, train number, seat/sleeper class, names and passport numbers, etc) allowing plenty of time to inform us of any discrepancy. When the booking is finalized, we will send us you a ticket booking confirmation letter including your personal information, your full name, and passport number, and train departure date, time, train number, destinations.

8. If the train tickets have been sold out for your selected journey, we will refund the full payment to you except any applicable transfer fees. More about refund

9. Payment Method: Payment can be made via PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. We strongly recommend Paypal online payment, it is faster, safer and widely used. More about payment

Write us your request by email

1. 1. You are welcome to send us an email detailing your requirements. ( ) or follow the link from our contact us page.

2. One of our ticket advisor will contact you and help you with your train travel.

Frankly speaking, the first way of booking a train ticket, searching and paying online, is used by 99% of passengers. It is efficient and effective. If you choose to book by email, you may lose the chance to book the tickets you want ticket as emailing takes time. Train tickets in China can quickly sell out.